December's recipe of the month is “Holly Jolly Ginger.” This recipe was a crowd-pleaser last year. It comes with red sweetened cranberries, snowy coconut flakes, and little gold morsels of crystallized ginger. Very festive and great for gifts. (stay tuned for two exciting holiday promotional offers...)

Here is a quote from last years blogpost: "I’m especially pleased with the ginger. After visiting Vietnam earlier this year I went on a quest for a ginger that came close to what the street vendors there have to offer. The stuff I’ve sampled from health food stores here has a lousy texture and tastes kind of soapy. While I never did find Vietnamese ginger, I did come across these little chips of Australian baby ginger made by Ginger People, which are great in granola. They’re mildly spicy with fresh flavor and no aftertaste."


Full list of ingredients: oats (org), spelt and/or kamut or rye flakes (org), Sucanat (org minimally processed sugar), honey, canola oil (expeller pressed), Craisins, raisins, wheat germ, oat bran (org), sunflower seeds (org), sesame seeds (org), pecans, almonds, coconut (org), coconut flakes (org) pecan meal, crystallized ginger, flax seeds, oat fiber, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, almond extract.

Written by Keith and Geoff

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