In another few hours I'm going to switch gears out of granola and focus on other things that matter. I have put aside a couple hours this afternoon for the pleasure of dropping by the homes of a couple employees. I'll visit with their families, drink (I suspect) some wonderful and intensely strong coffee, and take them a small gift. I've warned them that I'm coming and can only stay a few minutes. I'll do that again as I walk in the door. This is just a way of limiting my visit--and the day's experience of hospitality--to an hour per visit! I would love to say thank you again.

We realize that many of you buy granola from us not just because you like it but because you care about what we are doing and know that it is making a positive impact on people's lives. On Saturday I sent our newest employee, a recent-arrival via Syria, to help out at the Pawtucket Winter market. He speaks a little English but is nervous to use it in public. I was glad I did because we got mobbed--a very good thing--although apparently it was bit too much for our new employee. He ended up under the table assembling more Holiday Boxes. Overload--I suspect. Choosing anything over trying to answer more questions in English. I am an introvert. It makes sense.

And it felt like a great reminder to me of what we are all about: providing the time and space and opportunity to learn. Equipping people to move out from under the table.

We have lots of news and changes around PGP as we make the transition to becoming part of Beautiful Day, the non profit we started to mobilize refugee employment. We'll fill you in once the dust settles after the holidays.

In the meantime, thank you. Thanks for your support and encouragement. We wish you a wonderful holiday season.


Written by Keith Cooper

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