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If you're on our email promotion list, just ignore this email. It's exactly the same. Or you can make a comment here if you didn't to the email.

With the holiday season around the corner, we thought we'd give you an additional option for gift-giving: the official Providence Granola Project t-shirt! Our initial design incorporated a selection of Recipe of the Month labels, but to replicate the variety and richness of the colors on a t-shirt would have been cost-prohibitive. We may offer that design as some kind of poster, but for now we have settled on three options for the final t-shirt product.

Two of the options involve a fuller presentation of our signature "deep seadivers" image whose connection to granola is still a bit elusive even to us. We just liked the image and it's taken on a life of its own. Another option is the simple oval logo. A third is a tryptic of sorts that provide a glimpse out submarine-like portholes. (These are quick mock-ups--the finished product will be more polished.)

So here is where we can use your help. Two questions (but one is a two-parter).

Question one: would you buy a fashionably colored Providence Granola t-shirt ($19) and if so do you have suggestions on colors (we plan to go with a top quality, "perfect weight" style t-shirt in a darkish palate of colors including black).

Question two: which design do you like best? Option 1, 2, or 4? (3 has already bit the dust). We're leaning towards 1 but need some confirmation. (Or would you concur with some facebook responders who like a small logo (2) on the front with some form of 1 or 4 on the back?

Your input will really help us as we move forward with ordering t-shirts to be ready for the holidays. We plan to offer a gift special that combines a sampler of 3 different bags of granola/muesli and a shirt, so even if you don't want one for yourself, what would you be excited about giving someone else?

Thanks, as always. Back in our days at Brown we designed some killer t-shirts, but we're not in our twenties anymore and sometimes feel a little fashion-challenged.

We know we are a very lucky little company to have such invested granola-buyers. We hope to get our order in next week, so get your druthers in soon.

Geoff and Keith

PS stay tuned for the details of our annual holiday promotions for granola.


Option #4

Written by Keith and Geoff

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